Why Us?

 Taryn and her partner Chris started Sacred Flower Organix in September 2019 after moving to the East Coast from San Diego, CA. We specialize in harvesting artisan grown indoor CBD hemp flower using only organic farming practices. To us, Hemp Is Sacred & being mindful every step of the way creates something greater than just a product.
After moving to Asheville in March 2020, Taryn dove deeper into herbology to create her signature blends. These are her absolute favorite products and she enjoys sharing them with all her friends! 
Using our CBD oil, Taryn has created 2 potent topical products Relief Roll & our #1 selling Salve. Check those out here. And if you are local to Asheville, ask us about our CBD Cacao Bites & Medicinal Muffins made by our daughter!
Taryn & Chris have two fabulous kiddos, Tanni & Cedar. They love being out in nature, visiting local farmer markets & connecting with their amazing Asheville community!   

When You Support Our Business , You Support Small Business.

~You Support Family Owned and Operated 
~You Support Hand Crafted,  Artisan Products 
~You Support Small Farms and Organic Practices
~You Support Local Community 
~You Support a Mama being able to Support her Family through her Passion 
Thank YOU for Making the Choice to Support Us.